Welcome to the Limitless Child.

This Blog’s purpose is help kids with developmental delays, learning delays, and behavioral disabilities. This blog will discus brain development, both conventional therapies and non conventional therapies, nutrition, lifestyle factors, and more. This is a place for parent to learn how to help their child develop better, and for them to share positive experiences they have had when working help their child!

-Dr. Josh Madsen

Latest from the Blog

Improve Depression, Cognition, and Sleep by Improving Mitochondrial Function!

Mitochondria health is vital for any developmental program to work, and for any child to get well that struggles with depression, mood disorders, or cognitive delays. Your mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and are what produce energy for the cell.   Mitochondria have something in them called the kreb cycle that takes theContinue reading “Improve Depression, Cognition, and Sleep by Improving Mitochondrial Function!”

Improve your energy, allergies, and asthma by improving how you breath!

Breathing is vital for life, It can refresh and rejuvenate you if done correctly. It can also create dysfunctions and create fatigue if done wrong. Many people think that the more your breath the better, and taking big breaths often is great, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you breath air youContinue reading “Improve your energy, allergies, and asthma by improving how you breath!”

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