Change your child’s environment to change your child’s life: P.5

What I see in a lot of kids with developmental delays and learning disabilities is that their diet is really horrific. The United States has the highest BMI in kids, and we also are one of the most nutrient deprived countries in the world. Kids are overweight and malnourished which leads to abnormal brain and body development. Kids that have these issues are typically eating highly refined foods, processed foods, fried foods, and very little vegetables and lean meats as healthy alternatives. This is bad for them because a lot of the foods they are eating are preserved and have very little to no vitamins and nutrients in them. If these foods do have any nutrients in them, they are refortified which means they are not in their natural form and are not easily digestible or usable. 

My rule for food is simple and easy: Eat organic and eat foods without labels. You don’t’ walk up to an apple and see a list of ingredients on it. If you go up to a box and don’t know what the ingredients are on it, then chances are it’s not real food but processed to resemble what we think of food nowadays. If it is naturally occurring and you can take it off of a tree or pull it from the ground and eat it, then it’s real food. Kids should not be eating food that’s not real, otherwise they are eating empty calories with no nutrients or vitamins, and it is depleting their bodies.

A good example of just how bad these foods are, Mcdonalds fries are fried in an Omega 6 oil which is inflammatory to your brain and your body. Things like vegetable, sapphire, and canola oils are highly processed because you can’t easily get oil out of a soybean or corn. It takes a big process to break those foods down in order to get any oil from them, so they are usually highly processed. We know that oil in a fryer can sit in a fryer for two weeks without needing to be changed. So, it is constantly heating and then cooling down which breaks them down more and makes them even more inflammatory for the body. From an oil perspective the only oils they should be using are avocado oils, olive oils, and butter. 

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