The Importance of Crawling and Army Crawling

Army crawling and crawling are two basic but very important things that need to occur for proper development. I find that a lot of parents don’t really understand why this is important. I often ask them “Hey, did your kid ever army crawl”? For almost every kid, especially with behavioral issues, reading issues, or eye tracking issues, they almost always tell me no. If they did crawl, parents usually inform me their child crawled for a small amount of time and then started walking at nine months of age. What many people don’t realize is that walking at nine months is actually a sign that they are not developing some reflexes that they should be. Many of these reflexes in the first year of life allow them to crawl appropriately so they can gain the balance and motor skills needed to balance and walk correctly. Usually if a kid moves on from crawling to walking at a young age, it is because their brain is fed up from trying to try to crawl appropriately which is a sign that they are not fully developing in certain areas of their brain. 

Some specific examples of why crawling and army crawling is important is because it helps children develop the ability to have behavioral regulation and behavioral control. Honestly, in the last three years, any child that has come into my office with behavioral issues has neither crawled or army crawled. Crawling and army crawling are also very important for reading. Making sure that children re-develop these skills or get rid of primitive reflexes that didn’t allow them to crawl is vital to help those children develop the areas of their brain that have not developed fully.

If you recall your child’s history and believe that they didn’t crawl or army crawl, let us know if you would like to talk with us about how we can help re-facilitate those early infantile movements and help get rid of primitive reflexes that are probably there. When we do this, children’s behavior and reading both improve tremendously.

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