High Oxalates and Yeast in children with PANS/PANDAS

Today, I want to share something that I often see in kids with PANS/PANDAS. As we know, many of these kids have immune system challenges. They aren’t getting rid of infections appropriately, and their immune system isn’t functioning well in general. There are a lot of different compounding factors that can play into that. The Urinary Organic Acids Test is great to run with these children because we get to look at how they are producing energy, any inflammatory responses they may have, and their gut health. 

One thing that I have been finding consistently when I run a Urinary Organic Acids Test with these children is high levels of yeast. Yeast in the gut reveals that their gut isn’t functioning well because it isn’t regulating yeast. The issue with yeast in our gut is when our body isn’t regulating it, we begin to produce oxalates or oxalic acid. Oxalates are extremely inflammatory for the nervous system, for muscle tissues, kidneys, and more. These oxalates break down the blood/brain barrier and can cause inflammatory responses in the brain. 

Typically you can reduce these symptoms in children with PANS/PANDAS simply by working to get rid of the yeast and putting them on a low oxalate diet which allows them to naturally let their body get rid of them more efficiently. This reduces many symptoms because inflammation goes down so their body is no longer fighting itself. I hope this helps parents that have children with PANS/PANDAS understand how yeast buildup and high oxalates can be eliminated to help the function of their guts and their immune system. 

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