Why is Chiropractic Care Vital for Developmental Care?

If your kid is struggling in their development, why should you see a chiropractor? I get this question a lot and personally, as a chiropractor, I do find it very important. I am going to explain why it is important from a developmental perspective. 

When you develop in the first six months of life, the way you primarily develop is through proper movement. When your child is born they start moving their head or they start moving their arms because they are reflexive. Those reflexive movements are called primitive reflexes. These reflexes are very important for them to start to develop their neck musculature, for them to develop their eyes, and for them to develop their vestibular system. This gives them balance and movement that needs to occur to create a strong system. 

What I see often in my office is an infant that at two or three months old, cannot move their neck efficiently, or at all. This in turn means they cannot develop their balance system or their muscle tone appropriately. 

Historically, chiropractic care has been shown to help improve mobility and movement tremendously by using very gentle yet specific adjustments. This allows us to get those joints moving appropriately so that a child can move well. We then can provide developmental exercises to develop those reflexes to their benefit. Developing reflexes properly will result in better balance, movement, and eye tracking abilities. This allows a child to function really well in everyday life!

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