High Oxalates and Yeast in children with PANS/PANDAS

Today, I want to share something that I often see in kids with PANS/PANDAS. As we know, many of these kids have immune system challenges. They aren’t getting rid of infections appropriately, and their immune system isn’t functioning well in general. There are a lot of different compounding factors that can play into that. TheContinue reading “High Oxalates and Yeast in children with PANS/PANDAS”

Getting Rid of Primitive Reflexes

When it comes to playing sports and getting ready to play sports, it is imperative to make sure your child has no reflexes present. If children do, what happens is movements that should be automatic, are not and development is halted by these reflexes. Some of the most common reflexes we see with kids thatContinue reading “Getting Rid of Primitive Reflexes”

The Importance of Crawling and Army Crawling

Army crawling and crawling are two basic but very important things that need to occur for proper development. I find that a lot of parents don’t really understand why this is important. I often ask them “Hey, did your kid ever army crawl”? For almost every kid, especially with behavioral issues, reading issues, or eyeContinue reading “The Importance of Crawling and Army Crawling”