Change your child’s environment to change your child’s life: P.3

Food that is devoid of nutrients is an epidemic in our world today. This affects a lot of people, especially kids, because it leads to poor diets and poor nutrient statuses. We hardly see any nutrients in our food unless we eat organic or whole foods. The foods that we eat are ruining our gut linings and causing proteins to get into our bloodstream. When proteins get into our bloodstream, our immune system is working overtime to get rid of them. If you can invision our immune system like pacman, they are racing around trying to get rid of the proteins entering our bloodstream that shouldn’t be there. 

A lot of these proteins, like the ones found in gluten, have molecular mimicry. Molecular mimicry can cause proteins to look like our immune system cells so for example, gluten proteins look a lot like our cerebellum proteins. Because these proteins can mimic other proteins in our body, our immune system can’t comprehend which ones to get rid of. This can lead to inflammation in the cerebellum. Your cerebellum is vital to coordinate eye tracking and balance. Our cerebellums have more neurons than the rest of the brain combined because it coordinates almost everything for our brain. Therefore, if your cerebellum can’t function appropriately when it’s inflamed, your eyes can’t track well. If your eyes can’t track well then balance, learning, and behavioral regulation can be extremely difficult. 

We are also starting to learn about how dairy sensitivities and casein in dairy can lead to thyroid issues, diabetes, or autoimmune issues in young kids. With dairy sensitivities your immune system could break down your tissues, could break down your thyroid to create Hashimoto’s, or break down your pancreas to cause insulin creating issues which leads to diabetes. These issues are the very reason we practice using elimination diets with dairy and gluten. 

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